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Panasonic Legally


Legally we can't say this was the greatest campaign ever.

Create a product with a 3% failure rate when the industry average is 29% and people will beat a path to your door. From the introduction to the rugged laptop category to the launch of the Toughpad to the creation of a global solutions company, our efforts helped transform Panasonic from a $100M sales organization to a a $1.5B+ global enterprise. We helped create a brand that defined a new category of computing.


The Panasonic Legally Campaign was designed to protect market share for Panasonic and position the Toughbook as the most dominant, fully rugged brand of computing solutions in the world. With pressure from heavier spenders and more well established brand recognition, Sigma created a statement campaign that positioned the Toughbook as the “Rugged Original.” Based on customer stories and testimonials we knew we could make claims about the extreme challenges the products could withstand that were far and away superior to what others could claim and also help to position them as a premium-priced solution. But, since Toughbook’s weren’t specifically tested to withstand fire, bullets and hurricanes, we couldn’t make these claims "legally". Sigma put an unexpected twist on their survival stories and created one of the most successful campaign in their history, winning campaign of the decade by B2B Magazine. We leveraged a sweeping mix of acquisition channels including programmatic, search, email, mobile display and social as well as a suite of broadcast, print and out-of-home tactics to tell our story.

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