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Dr. Cocoa

Relief with a Smile

DR. COCOA knows best

Our goal was to generate awareness, pique curiosity and get Dr. Cocoa, the first-of-its-kind chocolate-flavored cough and cold medicine, into the household consideration set by creating a strong connection to Mom and enticing her to reconsider tried and true remedies for their children’s cough and cold symptoms.


We built a story leveraging digital, traditional and social elements focused on Dr. Cocoa - an animated owl that is both likable and approachable to children and expert to moms and pediatricians. We helped create trust for a category first by leveraging the power of a smile. When kids take all their medicine, because it tastes great and not like, well, medicine, they feel better, faster. We created content that engaged with moms and drove her in store and online to give it a try.

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