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Brut needed a wake up call. Their aging 55+ consumer wasn’t particularly aspirational to 20-year olds, the sweet spot of the fragrance and AP / DEO category. We needed to make BRUT younger, current and cool again. Our work for Brut has always celebrated the essence of men - the innate belief that real men never lose their way. Our first campaign for Brut worked like a cold slap in the face and since then has evolved to celebrate the history of Brut’s masculinity and positioned BRUT as the antithesis of trends that come and go.


Brut is a modern-day classic. Featuring a line of iconic, masculine products that raise a glass to every man’s personal story / legacy, we helped transition the brand from an “old man’s cologne” to a fresh, current alternative to other trendy men’s fragrances. From our fist BRUT campaign to the groundbreaking video series BNN (Brut News Network) to "Let Your Man Out’ and the most recent "Be the Man’ campaign, the brand has stood the test of time and effectively aged down the customer based across the board by integrated traditional media and messaging with unique and innovative digital strategy and content. Along the journey the resulting work has been nothing short of breakthrough and has won dozens of awards.

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