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Pert Plus 2in1 and Still best

Pert Plus Shampoo Kick's Butt in New Campaign. Twice.

Pert Plus is the original 2 in 1 shampoo. They invented the category over three decades ago. But how do you remind people of that in a fun and engaging way when you’re in a category of giant brands who are outspending you 200 to 1? Simple, you hire a pair of conjoined twins to beat up a competitor in a karate match as a subtle reminder that 2 in 1 is always better.

“This is an idea that’s out there on the edge, but with all the other product noise out there, that’s where we usually find ourselves if we are going to make a difference for our client.” Said Timothy Stapleton Creative Director and writer of the commercial.

The new campaign will reinforce the fact that Pert was the pioneer of the category while reminding everyone that combining two products is always better for busy men who want simple solutions to everyday problems.

“We actually had some concepts that were even more outrageous, but the twins were the overwhelming favorite in focus groups across the country.” Stapleton went on to say. “The idea of the campaign is to be as memorable as possible. As they’ve said before, as a smaller player in the category, they can afford to be polarizing, but they can’t afford to be ignored.”

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