Everything works.

Since 1986, we’ve been creating advertising campaigns that produce results. Our work is as smart and effective as it is entertaining. Our work works.

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We work twice as hard to make our work, work.

Our approach is simple: Smart, strategic thinking that works.

As a fully integrated advertising agency, our team has found success for our clients in every corner of the ever-expanding media landscape. So whether you want to talk about the most nurturing bottle in the nursery or the toughest laptop on earth, whether you want to air a spot on the Superbowl or run a high performing digital campaign, the answer is always the same: Let’s get to work.

    • Shannon Morris
    • Leadership
    • Sigmite since 1995 →

    Is it possible to have a 30,000-foot vision yet still be involved in the fundamental details of your client's business? Yes. Shannon does so on a daily basis. Despite her laid-back Oregon roots, her competitive nature is one of her most endearing qualities. Her drive not only landed her on a Division 1 swim team, but also landed some of our most impressive clients. Shannon is the engine that runs Sigma. Her tireless pursuit to make us one of the most successful, well-rounded companies that you'll ever get to know is why clients come back for more and why employees are inspired to give more.

    • Patricia Paris
    • Human Resources
    • Sigmite since 1998 →

    The speed with which our business moves is only matched by how quickly it changes. To keep up with these needs, it helps to have a former track star on staff. (She still holds the hurdles record for her school, but we won't talk about how long ago that was.) Some of the most impressive characteristics of Sigma have come to life through programs and initiatives developed by Patricia. The work-life balance, the talent that compares favorably to that of an agency five times our size, even the ability to tell the stories of our clients on any platform is only possible if we find the right people. Which wouldn't be possible if we hadn't found Patricia.

    • Skye Leith
    • Creative
    • Sigmite since 2003 →

    Having spent a lifetime in theater and event production, it was a natural progression for Skye to shift into directing our in-house video crew. A performer himself, he's fascinated with how to fabricate reality for an audience onstage, and now through the lens of a camera. Skye has produced shows at the White House, written for Cirque du Soleil, and designed special FX on Broadway. He's also a musician, puppeteer, sculptor and dad, and brings all those skills into play here at Sigma.

    • Laura Interiano
    • Operations
    • Sigmite since 1999 →

    Laura has changed the way we do business. She's implemented workflow tools and software platforms, ensures efficiency in finance, billing and reporting, and supports all facets of the agency's financial operations. If our industry gave awards for making numbers do the impossible, Laura's office would be full of trophies. Instead, it's plastered with pictures of her family (a large Italian one) and her own two children. Which are probably the only trophies she's interested in.

    • Kristen Krone
    • Creative Technology
    • Sigmite since 2007 →

    Kristen is one of the reasons we find ourselves, despite our size, as one of the leaders in digital problem solving. With a background in design (she has an MFA from Parsons), she injects a very smart aesthetic sense into everything we do. Her team can make ideas work on any platform that is out there, and probably a few we haven't heard of yet. But when it comes to bringing big ideas to life, Kristen will no doubt tell you that her most rewarding one is her new baby boy.

    • Diane Decastro
    • Account Service
    • Sigmite since 2001 →

    Diane is in charge of a lot of very important relationships. She makes sure that account, creative, planning and media all smoothly interact as one with our clients. She leads the brand strategy discussions and also collaborates with partner agencies to make sure everyone exceeds their business objectives. It's tough to keep up with everything Diane does, but given the long retention rates of most of our clients, it goes without saying that she is doing a very good job. Another hat she wears is an equestrian riding helmet. Which means she's pretty hard to keep up with outside the office as well.

    • Nik Nikolov
    • Creative
    • Sigmite since 2007 →

    Nik has been an incredibly successful art director at some of the world's best agencies. He is also an advertising encyclopedia. As soon as you come up with a concept, he'll tell you who thought of it before, where it ran and what awards it won. If he likes it, it gets a brilliant. If he doesn't, you'll get a mild head shake. Raised and educated in Bulgaria, Nik has a degree in journalism, which makes him a double threat when it comes to finding the big idea. Mention cars, watches or Manchester United football and you'll have his undivided attention.

    • Tim Stapleton
    • Creative
    • Sigmite since 2007 →

    Tim's career has taken him all over the country, but the main reason he calls Sigma home is the incredible work-life balance he hasn't seen in any other agency. Moving past all the awards and self-fulfillment most people in his position seem to hunger for, he finds that leading a team of incredibly focused, hard-working creative people is where he gets the most satisfaction. He also smokes a mean rack of ribs.

    • Kerri Koppel
    • Media
    • Sigmite since 2015 →

    Kerri isn't just a yogi and Dave Matthew's fan; she's a business driver, with over 10 years of experience in bringing people and departments together in new and exciting ways. As the newest member of the team, Kerri comes to Sigma Group after leading brand initiatives for such accounts as Lancome, Coca-Cola, and HBO. When it comes to media strategy and implementation, she sees every angle, including the latest innovations that some of us haven't even heard of yet. Kerri is the best at getting our client's messages in front of consumers in the most effective way possible.

Size doesn’t matter.

We want the opportunity to do work that works. We want to do great work that makes a difference to the bottom line, changes the way a brand is perceived in a category or changes the way they engage with their consumer…

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A product that created a category that started a company.

Create a product with a 3% failure rate when the industry average is 29%, and people will beat a path to your door. The growth of the Panasonic Toughbook has been meteoric, and we’ve been there since the very beginning. From the introduction of the entire rugged laptop category, to the launch of the Toughpad and the new Panasonic Solutions Company, our collaborative efforts have helped transform a $100M sales organization into a $1B enterprise.

Panasonic Work

We’re being outspent
100 to 1.

Pert had a daunting task: Get noticed in a category where your competitors have some of the largest advertising budgets in the world. To breathe life into a tired brand, we were told that we could afford to be polarizing, but we couldn’t be ignored. We never forgot that. For the first 12 months of our campaign, Pert Plus enjoyed a double-digit increase in sales while the rest of the category was in single digits. Strong, straightforward messaging with executions that are impossible to ignore. We helped Pert Plus win a PRWeek Platinum Award for “Hair Wars” Campaign, build a Facebook community and even had Anderson Cooper and Conan Obrien talking about their hair and Pert Plus.

Pert Work

The original man’s man.

BRUT needed a wake-up call. Their aging 55+ consumer wasn’t particularly aspirational to 20-year-olds, the sweet spot of the fragrance and AP / DEO markets. We needed to make the BRUT man younger, current and, well, cool. Our campaign highlighted the fact that most of the things men were doing these days were taking them farther and farther away from what it means to be a man. It worked like a cold slap in the face. Then came “Let your man out.” Brut men knew what we were talking about. Demand increased by more than 10% across the board. At key retail locations the number was close to +30%.


Baby is happy.
Mom is happy.
NUK is happy.
(We’re ecstatic.)

NUK makes the number-one orthodontic bottle and pacifier nipple in the world. But that’s not really what they do. Sure, they make products that make a difference. But it’s really happier, healthier babies that get moms talking. NUK Nurtures Best. It’s a pretty good story to tell. And we’re more than happy to let smiling babies tell it.

Nuk Work

Ciao Bella.
Hello Beautiful.

When Ciao Bella asked Sigma to help build their brand, we let the product do the talking. From exotic flavors to unique product innovations, Ciao Bella has no problem building a loyal fan base. Our job was to tell their story online and our strategy was to let the product speak for itself. With impressive category growth and an ongoing rollout of new, innovative flavors, it’s no wonder why Ciao Bella was listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

Ciao Bella Work

Famous for Shoes.
Famous for Making Mom Smile.

Famous Footwear delivers happiness in a box. With more than 1,100 retail locations across the country and the critical back-to-school shopping season just around the corner, Famous Footwear needed more than just “the tab” and TV mix to get mom’s attention. We delivered coupons, videos, product match ups and an integrated digital media strategy to get moms super excited about kids shoes. AdAge said the campaign hailed to every woman with Good Humor. It left Famous Footwear screaming for more.

Famous Footwear Work

Rock Star Brain Surgeons.

One of New Jersey’s best kept secrets was the fact Trenton is home to one of the most advanced neurosurgical facilities in the world. Actually, it was only a secret until Capital Health hired us. We got the word out using TV, radio, print and out of home in a campaign that positioned the brand so strongly that emergency room doctors from all over New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania now send their brain-trauma patients to Capital Health. And the campaign was only in market for 6 months before three of their biggest competitors tried to copy it.

Capital Health Work

A School of Epic Proportions.

The unique product offering of Thomas Edison State College is their ability to offer degrees to people whose busy lives don’t allow them the luxury of attending a traditional campus. So we shifted their brand focus from their physical location to the success of their students in a dramatic way. We spoke to many of their graduates and found that their stories were larger than life. The rest was academic.

Thomas Edison Work